I write when I am compelled to share an idea – whether it’s about some of the work I’m doing around concentrated poverty, how awesome RuPaul and the The Golden Girls are, or something going on in my life.

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Flint Isn’t the Only Place With Racism in the Water


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An Open Letter to Melissa Harris-Perry From a Grateful Student

The Hairpin

“Baghdad Salad Bars”


Why Are We Afraid to Acknowledge That Race Does Shape Character?


When Will The Media Start Portraying Black Women Without Betraying Them?

Awkward Interracial Dating: High Hopes for Season 2 of Awkward Black Girl

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Language Barriers and Poverty in the AAPI Community

REACH: Stories of Black Men and the Communities that Shaped Them

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 Fair Food – Hesterman’s Guide to a Sustainable Food System for All

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